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Security 14/?

Title: Security 14/?
Pairing: JJ/Prentiss
Rating: PG-15
Summary: This is how it starts, with a friendship that can't stop from becoming more.
Warnings: Femslash
Spoiler Warnings: None
Author's Note: End of the case stuff, though the repercussions will linger! Posting two parts today because I suffer from mild triskaidekaphobia and couldn't let it sit at thirteen parts :P

I'd like to thank queenof1000days for her continued encouragement and inspiration as I tackle writing this behemoth. She's been invaluable and I honestly don't know what I would do without her. Security is dedicated to her.
Word Count: c. 1487
Disclaimer: Without prejudice. The names of all characters contained here-in are the property of CBS and their respective creators. No infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.

All things come to an end, and Emily wasn't upset that this case was ending. She was a little upset that she was going to have to walk away from Harrison, though. In the short time they'd spent together, he'd got to her in a way she’d never expected a child to do. But she knew how these things went. He'd go to the next of kin, the closest living relative, or into the system. She'd go back to Quantico, fall into bed with JJ, and maybe cry a little about a world where something this terrible could happen to a little boy.

“Child Services just got back to me. There are no living relatives for Ann Wyatt, or at least, no one's stepping forward to claim the boy. They want to take him now, and try to get him settled in a group home for the night.” Hotch looked tired, though he was trying to hide it.

“Is that really wise?” JJ asked, looking over at where Harrison sat, for the moment content in the warm circle of Emily’s arms. She knew how he felt. She'd been in those arms, and she knew how safe Emily could make a person feel. “He's been through the wringer, Hotch. He watched his mother being shot, he was kidnapped by a stranger, he was kept underground for hours… if he's managed to find some small comfort in Emily, who are we to take that from him?”

Hotch frowned. “I know what you're saying, but there are rules, JJ. I can't just decide we're going to take this child home with us, especially across state lines.”

“Maybe not, but I know you can pull strings,” JJ shot back. “And if all else fails, Emily can pull the Ambassador's Daughter card if need be. I just… I don't see the sense in traumatizing him further by taking him away from Emily, to put him in a group home that he's only going to get moved out of in a couple of days anyway.”

Sighing, Hotch looked over at Emily, holding the little boy on her lap and rocking him back and forth. He'd seen that look on a child's face before. That was the look Jack had on his face, as Hotch rocked him to sleep on the very rare occasions he'd had the chance. However short their acquaintance had been, a bond had formed between the child and the agent, and he knew JJ was right. A couple of days couldn't hurt, surely?

“I won't make Emily name drop her mother. You can tell her, if my string pulling turns out to be inadequate,” he said in a gruff voice, turning away and pulling out his phone to make the call.

JJ smiled, letting her hand rest on his shoulder in silent gratitude before walking over to Emily and Harrison. She sat down beside them, a little hurt at the way Harrison stiffened and shrank into Emily as she did so.

“Remember, this is the golden princess?” Emily soothed him.

“She was in the stories,” he said, sitting up a little and regarding her seriously. “There were the doggies with the evil spell on them, and you beat them all with your magic… what was it, Emmy?”

“She beat them with her magic Glock,” Emily supplied. She could see that JJ was trying not to laugh, and blushed.

“What else did I do?” she asked.

“You tamed the wicked media beasts!” Harrison chirped, slowly warming up to the blond. He had been wary, but Emily liked her, and she hadn't tried to take him away from Emily, so he was starting to feel like she might be just as nice as she was in the stories. “You stood on the stage and used your words, to cast a magic spell, and it made their voices disappear!”

JJ couldn't help the peal of laughter that escaped her. “I know stories too, you know. I could tell you stories about Princess Emily. She's even more beautiful than Princess Jennifer, and she's much, much braver. She likes to ride to the rescue, kick doors down and vanquish all the bad guys with her… magic Glock… and save all the damsels in distress.” Emily’s face was bright red now, but JJ’s teasing was gentle and loving. Harrison was eating it up. He squirmed out of Emily’s arms, climbing from Emily’s lap to JJ’s and looking up at her lovingly.

“So you really are the golden princess?” he asked reverently, reaching up to touch her hair softly.

“I think I must be, if Emily said I am,” JJ said, sitting very still so as not to spook him. She smiled, turning a little red at how Emily’s story had painted her in such a flattering light.

“And Princess Emily… is she my Emily?”

JJ raised an eyebrow at the possessive implication in Harrison's statement, but nodded. “She's pretty, like a princess ought to be, isn't she?” Harrison nodded. “Maybe, if you're a good boy, I'll tell you a story where Princess Jennifer and Princess Emily fall in love and live happily ever after,” she said quietly, looking in Emily’s eye as she spoke.


As a direct result of Hotch’s string pulling, Emily was allowed to take Harrison with her back to Quantico at least for a couple of days, until something more suitable could be found. Hotch granted both Emily and JJ a leave of absence for a week, assuming that it couldn't take longer than that to find a medium to long term placement for Harrison, and if it did, then they were to hand him off to Child Services regardless.

It fell to Emily to tell the little boy that he wouldn't get to go home to live, but she softened the blow by telling him that he was going to get to go on an airplane for what he told her was the first time in his short life. He could barely sit still as she took him back to the house briefly to pack up some of his things, and as he crossed the tarmac to the FBI jet, he skipped with excitement, hanging on to JJ and Emily’s hands.

“Well, you two didn't waste any time getting nice and domestic,” Morgan murmured to JJ as Emily strapped the little boy into a seat.

“This isn't my show, it's all Emily,” JJ muttered back. “But you have to admit… she looks awfully comfortable with him, doesn't she? I would never have picked it.”

“Well, he's an easy kid to take to,” Morgan remarked. He himself had been utterly charmed when recognition had struck the little boy, and he'd pointed excitedly at Morgan and asked if he was Sir Derek from the stories. JJ and Emily had smirked at the way Morgan had puffed out his chest at being called a noble knight. After half an hour or so standing cautiously close to Morgan, Harrison had warmed up enough for Morgan to offer a piggyback ride.

“From noble knight to trusty steed,” Emily had snorted, but there was no denying that it was a sweet sight. She'd snapped a picture for Garcia, knowing the tech would never forgive her if she missed out on seeing this.

Harrison had recognized the others too, slowly. After being introduced to Hotch he'd gasped, and struggled out of Emily’s arms to kneel before “the king”, prompting a bewildered look from Hotch and chuckles from the rest of the team, but once Harrison had got back on his feet, he'd grinned up at Hotch and giggled, and actually received a smile in return. Reid was currently proving his magician status by pulling a quarter out of Harrison's ear over and over again, which was doing an admirable job of distracting him from the discomfort of takeoff.

As they soared through the air Harrison gradually tired of the magic tricks and reached for Emily, who unfastened his belt and let him climb into her lap. “Sing me the song again,” he mumbled sleepily, and after a sheepish glance around at the rest of the team, Emily had softly begun singing the French lullaby she had soothed him with underground.

JJ listened, enraptured, to the smooth and beautiful voice she’d never known Emily had. Harrison drifted into sleep, snuggled into Emily tightly, and giving JJ a chance to talk to her properly for the first time since they had been found.

“Why didn't you tell me you could sing?” she asked curiously.

“You would have made me sing to you,” Emily teased, blushing. “Anyway, it's just an old lullaby one of my many nannies used to sing to me. It's not like I’m world class or anything. It puts him to sleep.”

“You're amazing,” JJ whispered. “I think that little boy loves you already, Emily, and I can't say I blame him. I’m pretty crazy about you too.”


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Oct. 4th, 2012 05:30 pm (UTC)
Another wonerful chapter.

"From noble knight to trusty steed" loved this line made me laugh.
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