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Security 13/?

Title: Security 13/?
Pairing: JJ/Prentiss
Rating: PG-15
Summary: This is how it starts, with a friendship that can't stop from becoming more.
Warnings: Femslash
Spoiler Warnings: None
Author's Note: More case stuff. Posting two parts today because I suffer from mild triskaidekaphobia and couldn't let it sit at thirteen parts :P

I'd like to thank queenof1000days for her continued encouragement and inspiration as I tackle writing this behemoth. She's been invaluable and I honestly don't know what I would do without her. Security is dedicated to her.
Word Count: c. 1487
Disclaimer: Without prejudice. The names of all characters contained here-in are the property of CBS and their respective creators. No infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.

They parked the SUVs at the foot of the hills and got out, moving into formation and heading upwards. By now, the sun was starting to come up, which made things a lot easier. Aside from the obvious visual advantages, the fact that they didn't have to use flashlights to see meant that they weren't telegraphing their presence with the light, which had been a concern the night before.

What had taken Emily twenty minutes to stumble across by sheer accident took the others almost an hour to find before Gideon stiffened and signaled. Ahead, looming in the early morning mist was a small cabin. In moments they had it surrounded.

“This is the FBI!” Hotch bellowed. “Evan Graham, you are surrounded. Come out with your hands up!”

From within, there came a harsh laugh that sent a chill down JJ’s spine. “It's just like an old western movie, isn't it agents?” they heard him shout back. “So is this the part where I tell you you'll never take me alive?”

Refusing to engage, Hotch continued. “Send out the boy and our agent and give yourself up. It's over, Graham. There's no way out.”

“You can't have either of them!” Graham screamed. “The boy is mine, and he's with his mother! Leave my family alone!”

Hotch turned to JJ. “He's delusional,” he barked swiftly. “He's blocked out the fact that his wife is dead, and he's substituted Emily in her place. He's using present tense to refer to them, not past tense, so they're alive. We're going to get her back, JJ.”

Stealthily they crept around the cabin, taking up positions to try and get a good shot on him.

“Hotch,” Reid murmured into his radio. “I can see right inside the cabin, and I see Graham, but there's no sight of Emily or the boy.”

“They must be here somewhere,” Morgan mumbled. “Why else would he come back here?”

“You're trespassing on private property!” Graham screamed. “I’m armed! I know my rights! I have the right to protect my land and my family from intruders!”

“Give it up, Graham!” Hotch bellowed again. “Your wife is dead. You have nothing left!”


Underground, all Emily could hear was muffled shouting, but she could guess what was happening. They were hostages, for all intents and purposes, and what she was hearing was the unmistakable sound of hostage negotiation taking place.

Harrison, without the benefit of her years and experience, was starting to look frightened again. That single ray of light was beaming down through what she had discovered was a tiny window, and she dragged the chair into the small patch of sunshine, settling in it with Harrison in her arms. She rocked him back and forth as the shouting continued.

“What's happening?” he asked fearfully.

“My friends are coming to get us,” she said, doing her best to sound cheerful. “Would you like to hear a story about my friends?”

At his nod, she thought for a moment, and then smiled. As boring as their old case files could be, when she put a different sort of spin on them, they almost seemed like they could become epic tales of adventure. And so she spun a story for Harrison, featuring Sir Derek, the mighty knight on his noble steed; Spencer the Magnificent, wizard extraordinaire; King Aaron the noble and true; Penelope the Oracle, who knew all and saw all; and Princess Jennifer with the golden hair and eyes of blue. Perhaps Emily was a little biased, but as she spoke, the Princess Jennifer somehow became the star of the story and the focus of all those around her.

Before she knew it, though the shouting was still continuing, Harrison was asleep in her arms.


The sun was well and truly up by the time they got anywhere. After lengthy negotiations Hotch had managed to talk Graham down far enough to come to the window. He hadn't, however, agreed to give up his weapon.

“Hotch, we can't keep this up. Sooner or later we're going to have to go in,” Morgan murmured.

“Come on, Graham. Let the boy go as a sign of good faith. He must be hungry. Let us get him some breakfast.”

“You can't HAVE HIM!” Graham screamed. “That bitch wife of mine didn't want me to know about him, but I found out! I know everything about her! I know everything she did while I was away! I've had eyes on her this whole time! She thought she could hide from me! And now she's dead!”

“He's breaking,” Hotch murmured urgently. “Whatever delusion was allowing him to substitute Emily for his wife, it's shattering. We have to go in, now.” He gave the signal, and everyone readied their weapons.

From within, there was silence for a long moment while everyone outside the cabin held their breath. Finally, they heard the sound of footsteps. Graham appeared at the door, gun in hand.

“I’m not going back to jail,” he declared. “I'd rather join the bitch in hell.” He put the gun up to his head.

“No! Put it down!” Morgan bellowed, but the noise of the gunshot echoed through the little clearing.

Morgan reached him first. He was gone. JJ holstered her weapon, sprinting inside the cabin. At first she saw nothing, but as her eyes adjusted to the gloom she spotted the trapdoor, hauling it open and heading down the rough steps. Gun at the ready, she crept along the corridor that Emily had been dragged along, unconscious, the night before. At the end there was a door. It wasn't locked; it was just bolted on the outside.

“Emily?” JJ called cautiously.

“JJ, baby, I’m in here,” Emily called back in a low voice. “I thought I'd never see you again, I thought…”

“I know,” JJ replied quickly, quickly unlocking the door. She rushed in, preparing to grab Emily and embrace her tightly, but came up short at the sight of the tiny boy in her girlfriend's arms.

“Is that…?” she asked.

“This is Harrison,” Emily said awkwardly, standing with the little boy still in her arms. “Where's Graham?”

“Dead,” JJ said shortly. She leaned in, careful not to wake Harrison, and captured Emily’s lips in a kiss that bordered on desperate. “I love you, Emily. God, I love you so much and I thought I'd lost you. Don't you ever do anything like this again, do you hear me? I NEED you!”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Emily replied, tears springing to her eyes. “I was so scared, but not because of this… I was scared I'd never get to kiss you again…”

Harrison stirred, and as he woke, he realized that he and Emily were no longer alone in the room. “Emmy, who's that?” he whispered loudly.

JJ looked down at him. “My name is Jennifer,” she said gently.

Though Harrison shied away from this new person and buried his face in Emily’s neck, there was no mistaking what he said next. “Emmy, her name is Jennifer! Like the golden princess in the story!”


JJ led the way back outside, to the group of men that had secured the Unsub and were anxious to check on their missing team mate. Emily walked close behind JJ, blinking blearily at the bright sunlight after her enforced stay in the darkness, and saw the first aid crew that had evidently hiked up the path to check them out. “I’m fine,” she insisted. “Check him out.”

But as soon as she made as if to hand Harrison off to an EMT, he started panicking again. “No!” he cried. “Emmy, don't leave me!”

As badly as Emily wanted to seek her own comfort in JJ’s arms, she couldn't just leave Harrison to panic. He was starting to hyperventilate, eyes wide and terrified at the idea that she was leaving him. In one swift motion, she made an apologetic face to JJ and scooped the little boy up, holding him tightly. “Ssh, baby. It's okay. I’m right here,” she crooned to the sobbing boy. She remembered crooning those exact words to JJ plenty of times when the younger woman had had nightmares while they were sleeping together, and started to feel a little guilty, not wanting JJ to think Harrison was edging her out in Emily’s affections.

JJ clung tightly to Emily’s free hand, professionalism be damned. “Golden princess, huh?” she said finally. “What have you been telling him?”

Emily smiled, making her way over to where the EMTs had set up. She might not be able to put Harrison down, but she could take him over to be checked out. “I'll tell you the story one day,” she promised. “It's all about a beautiful princess called Jennifer, and a knight called Derek, and their King, Aaron… and how they fight all the monsters and save the day and make everyone safe and live happily ever after.”


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Oct. 4th, 2012 05:20 pm (UTC)
Loving this story more and more with every chapter posted. What a great thing to see such a tender side to Emily.
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